SR:007 Andrew Garton / Headlock

Garton’s first industrial techno release. Taking an orchestral aesthetic and punk attitude Garton delivers a relentless narrative through happy hard core favourites and psy-trance mania – extreme fusion or mash-up?

Format: Digital download
Release date: 12/2004
Price: AUD $10.00


Produced, arranged, programmed and performed by Andrew Garton.

Samples cut by DJC and Garton.

Special thanks to Russell Guy for supporting the use of samples from What’s Rangoon to You is Grafton to me, courtesy of the psychedelicatessen.

I just listened to Headlock! excellent nose bleed techno! really great…. loved the Led ZEP song, totally cool beats and noises.
Ollie Olsen

This afternoon I received a call from none other than Russell Guy himself. He’d been online and ran a search on “What’s Rangoon to you is Grafton to me” and found this site where his work is credited on Headlock.

I was waiting for him to have a go at me for not trying hard enough to clear these samples when he congratulated me, saying that work like mine helps to keep the piece alive. I told him that the final release of the work will go out on a Creative commons Licence which he was happy with as he said, had he made a commercial release of the piece it would never have sustained the life it has now.

Russell, thanks… it’s wonderful to know that such attitudes were at the heart of your work, and how could it not when you suggested all those years ago that politicians would do well to spend some time in “inner-space”. Travel well…
Andrew Garton