SR:004 DOODS / Secret City

Format: Download
Release date:  31 January 2004
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The Department of Ongoing Digital Situations (DOODS) identifies the city as the basis for new experiments in electronically mediated playfulness.

First released as a limited edition cassette, Secret City was comprised of the pre-eminent DOODS audio works, Alberto Tsara’s Legends to Maps of Freedom, and Ion Van Gemsy’s Unheard History of Cyberspace.

Tsara and Van Gemsy are joined on Secret City by Justin Time, a close confidant of the DOODS, researcher and time keeper. Time’s disturbing violin carves through the audible space much like a school of sharks in attack frenzy.

Van Gemsy’s hidden history is a map of sonic activity occurring in parallel with significant social and personal markers identifying the public advance onto the Internet. The Unheard History of Cyberspace is dedicated to the social activists who shaped and extended the net across Asia from the late 80s to the early 90s.

Tsara’s provocative collage is comprised of sound fragments with media art luminaries such as Greil Marcus, Bruce Sterling, Natalie Jereminjenko and Craig Baldwin. The Tsara collage is an assembly of sound fragments which taken as a whole paint a picture of the strangeness of technologically mediated everyday life.

DOODS’ Secret City is more than window, it’s a map that can be read and heard, reinterpreted and judged, itemised and accounted for.

What the 20th Century began, the 21st can only re-begin…

Alberto Tsara and Ion Van Gemsy, 2001