SR:003 Dark Ambient Operators / Ramp Speed

Format: Download
Release date: 10 December 2000
Cost: Free or name your price

Gameboy (nanoloop) grooves, generative underscores, theremin, coffee and gin. Recorded live at Cafe HQ, Melbourne. A Lost Time Accident and Future Eater collaboration.

A lost_time_accident and Future Eater collaboration recorded live at the former Cafe HQ, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 8/feb/00.

Interactive compositions – combination of gameboy grooves, generative soundscapes, theremin, coffee and gin.



Ramp Speed collects five tracks from a live performance, combining electronic atmospheres, beats and pulses, cordant and discordant synths, effects and other modulations and combinations to create an exciting mix. The first track is a beat-driven feast, while the second builds from some sublime atmospheres into a pulsating Theremin steered rocket ride, shifting and clicking into a phased fadeout (I must have heard Andrew on the radio when the Grainger Museum reopened, as he wrote a Theremin-based work for it). A short squeaking tonal piece (the T again), before the next opens with pulseclick and woozy synth, followed with a tonal centre and whitenoise end all over a distant voice which cropped up early on. And a final very percussive modulated loop fest that switches into a chopped voice/record electroacoustic shimmer. Well worth downloading, two excellent and varied mini-albums, emphasising Garton’s ability to move between artistic/academic, beauty and generative works.”

Ampersand Etcetera – 2001_10 (Read complete review)