SR:002 Lost Time Accident / Audible Lines

Format: MP3
Release date: 07/99
Price: Free

Off-cuts, off-shoots and other tendrils from software synthesis experiments. Track 3, Lung Fish, was commissioned from Andrew Garton by the Melbourne International Arts Festival to commemorate the re-opening of the Percy Grainger Museum.


Audible Lines is a companion or addendum mini-album to the first disk, and contains five pieces in about 20 minutes. The opening tracks Behind and Chuck use vocal samples processed in the first, fragments of pauses in the second. Behind is fast and furious, fading in and out, percussive, while Chuck places breath intakes, swallows, assonances over a fuzzy pulsing, with intruding heavier noises; a period of cycling beats; a quieter ambience and then finally squeaking bleep loops. Lung-fish is more ambient with a mysterious slowed organ and Thermin over and subtle tweaks in the second half, Swarm erupts in an eponymous sonic cloud then cycles buzzing clicks, and finally Thrust hypnotically pulses and squeaks a slightly modulating loop.”

Ampersand Etcetera – 2001_10 (Read complete review)


“…The beginning of CHUCK really sounds bad on MP3. Later it gets much better… And boy is Lung Fish a weird piece of work! I love it and am pretty sure i will broadcast it”.

Marc Wielaert, NPS Radio, The Netherlands

“Argh… I was planning on having a song called Lung Fish. Perfect song name, but you beat me to the punch. Your music kicks ass, by the way.”