Sun-Bus-5 / The Light Show

This album is a fusion of live and studio recorded tracks created by Sun-Bus-5 as a documentation of music performed for The Light Show, a series of events produced initially for the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival. The Light Show Melbourne Fringe performances featured a curated program of four decades of low-budget super 8 and video art masterpieces; a show and tell of life events and the analogue projection techniques of legendary artist Hugh McSpedden.


Catalogue: SR:010
: CD/DVD and stylised packaging with inserts and digital download
Release date: 31 August 2013
Price: CD/DVD AUD$20 / digital download $10 (does not include postage and handling)

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In 1968 Australian projection artist Hugh McSpedden began shooting 8mm film. By the 1970s his films magnified into large-scale projections using as many as 40 or more projectors. In 1983, using modified projectors and lenses, he created what is considered the first large-scale projected illumination of a public building, the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, if not Australia.

The Light Show was a live event, an avant-garde mix of interview and performance focusing on Hugh’s life in light in collaboration with contemporary music ensemble Sun-Bus-5. It took place over four nights at the 2012 Melbourne Fringe festival.

This limited edition CD/DVD package contains a documentary of The Light Show produced and directed by Andrew Garton, a glimpse into Hugh’s work with extracts from the 2012 performance event highlighting his fluid and multiple projector arrays. It also includes the entire soundtrack by Sun-Bus-5, remixed by Chip Wardale and mastered by Simon Polinski at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne.

Each movement, generally no more than 4-5 minutes in length, was performed one after the other with leading 1-2 minute improvised drift sequences. Each consecutive movement is gradually introduced as the prior movement is completed. In these drift sequences, both performers improvise introductions and/or conclusions to their individual movements. At the end of the cycle, Sun-Bus-5 completed the composition by performing interpretations of individual movements together. The end result is the six movement recording available on this CD.


  • Andrew Garton: Treated guitar, synthesisers, samples, voice
  • Chip Wardale: Bass guitar, electronic bass drum pedal, turntable (Readings By Winifred West, Mittagong 1965 and The Drama Of Sex by Dr Murray Banks, 1960), hammered dulcimer, congas, gong.
  • Kate Adam: Shawm, kalimba, cymbals, darbuka, loop station and small percussion
  • Steve Law: analogue synthesisers.


  • Recorded and mixed by Sun-Bus-5.
  • Mastered by Simon Polinski at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne.