Andrew Garton / Headlock

Garton’s first industrial techno release. Garton delivers a relentless narrative through happy hardcore favourites and psytrance mania – extreme fusion and mash-up.

Excellent nosebleed techno! Ollie Olsen

Catalogue: SR:007
Release Date: December 2004
Format: Digital Album
Cost: $10 AUD


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Ocean in a Drop includes music performed on bhapang, or talking drum. The bhapang has been played and taught across 20 or more generations of the Khan family who originate from Alwar, Rajasthan.

The album also includes a selection of live recordings of desert musicians from Rajasthan courtesy of the musicians. Recorded by Shweta Rao courtesy of Khamayati.

Fifty percent of proceeds from the sale of this album will go towards ongoing support for rural and tribal musicians in India through the Khamayati project, an initiative of the School for Democracy in India and the New Delhi-based Digital Empowerment Foundation.

The remaining 50%, after hosting fees and PayPal charges, will go towards the completion of Andrew Garton’s film, Forged from Fire – the making of the Blacksmiths’ Tree.


  • Produced, arranged, programmed and performed by Andrew Garton.
  • Samples cut by DJC and Garton.
  • Special thanks to Russell Guy for supporting the use of samples from What’s Rangoon to You is Grafton to me, courtesy of the psychedelicatessen.

I just listened to Headlock! excellent nosebleed techno! really great…. totally cool beats and noises.


Ollie Olsen