Future Eater

Future EaterRhythmic 8bit digital explorations of low spec personal computers, game machines, freeware and 1980s consumer electronics.

Future Eater was realised in the early 00’s as a member of micromusic.net, an international online music community focused on early videogame sounds and technology.

Previous to this, Andrew was involved with the now dormant noisemusic.org, a smaller experimental online collective which co-operatively produced and released free music on the internet. Both of these groups are engaged in creating music using consumer technology and homemade tools.

Future eater has played shows in Australia, Taiwan and the UK, where he helped organise the 2002 London micromusic festival. He also performed in Newcastle (UK) with a local band of illegitimate artists and circuit benders (NO DEXX).

He currently performs and swaps data with live video murderers, Spoole, and Jeane Poole (Sean Healy).

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