The Department of Ongoing Digital Situations (DOODS) identifies the city as the basis for new experiments in electronically mediated playfulness.

Formed in the heady mid-90s, responding to the corporatising of public media, public communication technologies and public education, the Department of Ongoing Digital Situations launched their official web site in 1995. The launch, simulcast via mobile phone to Kiss FM listeners, had onlookers at the launch watch with curiosity as a modem spluttered and spat into their world the much exhibited DOODS, One Moment Please! web site.

The DOODS went on to organise the first Australian screening of Guy Debord’s “Society of the Spectacle”, State Film Theatre, Melbourne, 1996. It was during such events that the ideas for “Secret City” were hatched, and grew into the limited cassette release of the pre-eminent DOODS audio works, Alberto Tsara’s “Legends to Maps of Freedom”, and Ion Van Gemsy’s “Unheard History of Cyberspace”.