Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton is a producer and internationally recognised composer with an early background in community radio and video production. He has been writing electronic music since the late 70s and studied composition privately with composer, Sykes Rose in the early 80s. Since 1989 he has contributed to the development of low-cost computer networks in Australia and countless community networking initiatives throughout Asia Pacific where he explored his cross-cultural theatre and music interests.

Dark Ambient Operators

Collaboration between Lost Time Accident (Andrew Garton) and Future Eater (Andrew Sargeant). Live, improvised explorations into beat drive ambient terrains.

Department Of Ongoing Digital Situations

The Department of Ongoing Digital Situations (DOODS) identifies the city as the basis for new experiments in electronically mediated playfulness.

Future Eater

Rhythmic 8bit digital explorations of low spec personal computers, game machines, freeware and 1980s consumer electronics.

Lost Time Accident

A vehicle for the development of collaborative dark ambient, generative compositions and with an emphasis on social commentary.

Steve Law

Since the early 1980’s, Steve Law has been producing electronic music in various forms from his home in Melbourne. As a member of several electronic groups and from his many eclectic solo projects, he has released numerous recordings on labels all around the world. He also performs live frequently, both nationally and overseas.