artworkToxic Daguerreotyopes: Steve Law

Format: MP3/OGG
Release date: 09/05

: Free download

This EP net release from Steve Law contains a selection of largely improvised pieces, using prepared electronic audio files and analogue synthesisers. More…


artworkGARTON: Son of Science

Format: CD
Release date: 08/08/08
Price: AUD $24.00
Individual tracks via LastFM


Completed in February 2005 and mastered in April of the same year, Andrew Garton’s tribute to progressive, jazz and psychedelic rock was five years in the making. More…


artworkGARTON: headlock

Format: CDR
Release date: 12/04
Price: AUD $18.00


Limited pre-release of Garton’s first industrial tech release. Taking an orchestral aesthetic and punk attitude Garton delivers a relentless narrative through happy hard core favourites and psy-trance mania – extreme fusion or mash-up? More…


artworkFuture Eater: GNOOB

Format: CDR
Release date: 11/03
Price: AUD $18.00


From liquid streams of sound to layered percussive beats, Future Eater’s debut album is testament to his mastery of electronic rhythms. His music is dark, yet not depressing; light, without being fluffy – usually both at the same time. More…


artworkLost Time Accident: Creating Regions

Format: CDR
Release date: 04/01
Price: AUD $18.00


Inspired by the stone masonry of central Prague, the gothic sculptures of Vienna and Austria’s challenging radio arts culture, Creating Regions evokes mourning for European cultures in decay and the dawn of an international community of arts activism. Originally performed for the netcast commissioned by KunstRadio from Melbourne to DocumentaX, Germany, 1997. More…


artworkDOODS: Secret City

Format: CDR
Release date: 04/01
Price: AUD $18.00


Includes the provocative collage from Alberto Tsara, Legends to Maps of Freedom, comprised of sound fragements with media art luminaries such as Greil Marcus, Bruce Sterling, Natalie Jereminjenko and Craig Baldwin. Originally recorded in 1996 and available on limited edition cassette. Now remastered with new works; a map that can be read and heard of new experiments in electronically mediated playfulness. More…



Dark Ambient Operators: Ramp Speed

Format: MP3
Release date: 03/00
Price: Free download

Gameboy (nanoloop) grooves, generative underscores, theremin, coffee and gin. Recorded live at Cafe HQ, Melbourne. A Lost Time Accident and Future Eater collaboration. More…



Lost Time Accident: Audible Lines

Format: MP3
Release date: 07/99
Price: Free download

Off-cuts, off-shoots and other tendrils from software synthesis experiments. Track 3, Lung Fish, was commissioned from Andrew Garton by the Melbourne International Arts Festival to commemorate the re-opening of the Percy Grainger Museum. More…



Lost Time Accident: age 2 wonder at

Format: CDR
Release date: 09/98

Evocative, dark ambient reminders of urban isolation. Produced with generative software and improvisational techniques conceived by composer Sykes Rose and composed by Andrew Garton. Produced in collaboration with Simon Kaufmann. More…