We Should be so Smug

We’re producing a few tunes from Garton’s songbook that dig into the mailaise of our times, pulling hope from where it may reside, illuminating humanity where ever leadership is failing us. Our first from this fresh batch is We Should be so Smug.

Download We Should be so Smug from:

Sounds from Borneo and Rural India

First up we’ve sold out of hard-copies of Andrew’s Chasing the Sun. Digital downloads are of course available. A couple of tunes have been heard on air around Australia, most notably the title track and Alone in Space.

Andrews radio documentary drama written and recorded in Borneo, Tong Tana, went to air last year on Austrian national radio.  We’re hoping for a syndicated re-broadcast in Australia for 2015.

Listen to an MP3 stream of the entire work (30mins).

We’re looking forward to hearing new works from Andrew, as well as the film he’s working on in India. Updates about this project can be found on his website.


Could Garton and Zeininger re-group?

In 1997 I started writing with Vienna based Ludwig Zeininger. The collaboration spawned the Electro Pathological Consort which by 1998 included Italian based producer Sergio Messina. The three of us  went on to write, produce and perform some of loudest laptop music known at that time.

In 2009 Zeininger and I tentatively formed a duo in Graz which resulted in at least the basis for a new work titled RokaFella. Our plans to perform again, but I had to return to Australia. It’s now June 2014 and I’m back in Vienna and there’s talk of another collaboration…

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