Two markets up!

We’ve now done two markets and improved our stall. The next iteration will have a few more improvements again. At our Twilight Super Market we unveiled a beautiful hand-made CD and DVD stand that Chip had made. We sold three CDs only off it. It’s a start! However, the live music was a hoot!

The afternoon opened with local singer Stephanie who sang a few Christmas-like songs. Included a fabulous version of Leanard Cohen’s Hallelujah and a beautiful, poignant rendition of Silent Night.

We launched Andrew’s Chasing The Sun to an enthusiastic audience, some who were drawn to the music from across the street. It was the first time Andrew had performed an entire set of his songs, and sung them, in public since 1994!

Andrew was joined by local to Hurstbridge percussionist known as Jamie, the fabulous flamenco guitarist Aaron Leamon and Chip Wardale on bass. Given they’d played together for the first time that evening it came together rather wonderfully. A very cool first outing of Andrew’s new work.

We’ve got to thank Cassie and her staff at Bridge to Eden Cafe for all their encouragement and support and Craig from Pheonix Healthfoods for refreshments, enthusiasm and access to the communal space we had set up and performed in.


Super Market!

Afters years of talking about it we’ve finally decided to take our wares to market… that is, we’re seeking out markets from where we’ll set up our stall, lay out the original produce and even play some tunes.

Our first go at it was at the inaugural Hurstbridge Christmas Markets in regional Victoria. We sold about 5 CDs, talked to heaps of people and played pretty much most of the day. And we managed to work out what worked, what didn’t. It was great!

Chip's looking after the stall...
Chip’s looking after the stall…

Our next venture will be our Secession Super Market, again in Hurstbridge, with some of the rough edges smoothed out. Oh yes, live & lovely to be sure!